Brand yourself with CMR Apparel Custom Coordinates

All we need is your logo or an image and we can help you create a special item or a Brand that you will be proud of. We have EVERYTHING from hats to boots and sneakers.

Give your special items as gifts, wear them for your own pleasure or sell them on your own site for profit. Thousands of items to choose from.

Contact Us to set up a consultation.


CMR has the BEST Custom Apparel! Get your own personal designer at our one stop customization shop!

Fully customizable clothing templates. Get designs created by professional artists and designers for mall prices.

1. Browse our items and schedule a consultation by sending an email (Contact Us). We will fully explain everything during the consultation.

2. Submit your logos and pictures to the location provided during your consultation.

3. Review your mockups to make any changes.

4. Wait for your custom masterpieces to arrive!



Womens Sports Shoes and Boots
Womens Swimwear
Womens Shirts, Hoodies and Outfits
Mens Shirts, Hoodies and Outfits
Mens Shorts and Pants
Mens Sports Shoes and Boots
Mens/Womens Hats and Other Accessories
Mens Coats and Jackets
Backpacks and Luggage
Pet Accessories
Car and Motor Vehicle Accessories

Any item in our catalog is fully customizable. Change the colors and CONTACT US to add your own logos and images.

Private Online Shopping Closets!

Take your wardrobe to a whole new level with an online custom closet. Purchase items made just for you! $250 one time set up fee and $45 per month. We will add different items every season.

  • Exceptional Color

  • Our designs are second to NONE!

  • We can custom design anything from hoodies to boots to slides.

  • Want your picture on something? NO PROBLEM!

  • Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, we have it ALL!

  • Need a custom accessory? We have hundreds to choose from.

  • We have children's clothing!